Finding somewhere to eat in Valencia can be a big part of the experience there. Obviously, you’re going to want to sample the very best that the area has to offer, and this can be more difficult than you might think. To try and help you, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best places to eat out in Valencia, so you get the optimal experience.

Ca Duart

Situated on Calle Ciscar, number 22 this small restaurant is a firm favorite.  The dishes range from typical Spanish food to amazing Chef´s specialties and several of the Drivalia team have highly recommended this place.  The dish that you have to try is a started which is part of their daily menu usually (if not, ask for it) and it’s a poached egg with a type of mashed potato, mushrooms and truffle! Mouthwatering!

La Pappardella

La Pappardella is a place which has grown to be known for its works of art that form a unique decor, all of which are made by rising young artists. This locale is a restaurant which offers an ideal environment for lovers of pasta – there are many great dishes on offer. You could argue that it is what they are known for, providing over 29 types of pasta dish with which you can experiment. Plus, with our best value car hire in Valencia, it’s easy to get to this beautiful establishment.

Restaurante Arribar

This restaurant is a locale which is very modern and minimalist, which works out pretty well in this instance. You will notice that this has translated into an atmosphere which is relaxed and comfortable. People aren’t worried about what’s on offer either – it’s all delicious.

Those guests who visit in the summer will be able to relax outside on the terrace, where the views are especially prominent, offering both the port and beach to look out over. With all meals made with fresh and locally sourced products, you won’t get anything less than the best. This place is one to adore and is easily accessible thanks to our car hire at Valencia Airport.

Restaurant Vertical

The final place we’re going to look at is known to many as Vertical. It’s located right at the top of a stunning hotel and has a Michelin star as proof of its credentials. You can see a lot of the city from up here, and it’s well worth the trek to find the gorgeous food and pleasant atmosphere. Plus, the hotel and it’s high flying eatery is within easy reach of you thanks to our best choice car hire in Valencia.

Overall, these are just some of the different eating establishments which you could find yourself dining at in Valencia. Obviously, you’re going to need to book some of them ahead of time, but it’s worth it. There’s so much to experience and so many sumptuous meals to eat; you would be crazy not to experience all that Spain has to offer. We’ve seen all of these places for ourselves, and can assure you of their quality. And because we’ve worked so hard to make our car hire as easy as possible, you can get from one point to the next with ease.