Renting for the Diplomatic Corps

Your mobility is important but can be a minefield, especially when living and working overseas.


For new residents in Spain, traditional routes may present complications or at least extended and incovenient contract periods.

In Drivalia, as pioneers in 360º mobility solutions, we understand individual needs – especially for Diplomatic staff who often require added flexibility.


This is why we offer easy to enter contracts with short periods of commitment and fast availability.

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Drivalia Mobility Store

The mobility of people and companies is constantly changing.

Drivalia, an CA Auto Bank Group company, provides solutions that make you more free and more efficient. From car rental and car sharing, to electric mobility and used car sales, Drivalia is the pioneer of a new idea of mobility: fluid, integrated, and global. Through an extensive network of “Drivalia Mobility Stores” located in the largest Italian, French and Spanish cities, at the main train stations and airports, you will always find specialised consultants who can help you to choose the right solution for you.