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Drivalia, an CA Auto Bank company, has several offices located throughout Spain. You can find us at the airport or train station of principal Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Mallorca, Valencia, Girona, Bilbao, Murcia or Santiago de Compostela, among others. With the opening of our new Mobility Stores this year, Drivalia affirms its importance as a mobility operator, consolidating its presence in Spain.


Founded in 2010, Drivalia Car Rental has experienced strong and stable growth, establishing itself as one of the most respected and reliable car rental companies in Spain and, from 2022 onward, in the rest of Europe. We have achieved this reputation thanks to our unwavering commitment to providing a service that raises the standards of the car rental industry.


Our philosophy is to focus all our efforts on providing the best possible service, based always on honesty and transparency, values that are hard to find in the car rental sector in Spain. Our signature package, Ultimate, was designed to fulfil these desires. Ultimate allows you to enjoy an all-inclusive car hire experience, where the final price you see is the price you pay at the counter, with no deposit, no excess, no additional costs and, above all, no stress whatsoever. With such conditions, it is no wonder that Ultimate is our star product, being selected by more than 95% of our customers during the process of booking a car rental in Spain.

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In addition, we have one of the most modern fleets of rental cars in Spain, with more than 4,000 vehicles distributed throughout our offices. This fleet is updated, on average, once every six months, ensuring the best possible experience for our customers. As we approach our tenth anniversary, we can be proud to have successfully served over half a million customers, many of whom return several times a year.


In 2020, Drivalia was acquired by CA Auto Bank. This proud moment in the company’s history was a testament to our position as one of the most dynamic and reliable car rental providers in Spain. The takeover by CA Auto Bank has set us on an exciting journey of growth and expansion both in Spain and the rest of Europe, as we incorporate world-class technology with the 360º mobility service we are famous for, as well as many new and exciting offerings to make us a global force in car rental and mobility.


As we have grown, we have learned that our personal and individualized service is what sets us apart from the vast majority of car rental companies in Spain. Our most experienced staff have been working with us for years. In fact, many of them have been part of the team since we first opened our doors in 2010, and this applies to all levels of the company, from our receptionists to our courtesy bus drivers, to our agents attending customer service desks.


We are a big family that has gotten to know our clients well, identifying their needs to give them the best possible solutions, and developing strong relationships with them. We have seen them fall in love, get married, have children who grow up quickly, achieve their professional and personal goals… We have been with them, helping them to make their dream trips a reality. At Drivalia you will find a team of professional and friendly staff who are passionate about making sure you have an unforgettable holiday in Spain.


Car rental in Spain has become a minefield, riddled with hidden costs revealing that only ephemeral short-term profit objectives are taken into account by most companies, in exchange for forever undermining customer confidence. This model has led customers to mistakenly believe that the cost of renting a car in Spain is cheaper than anywhere else in the world. But this is not the case, because when they arrive at the counter to pick up their vehicle, additional costs suddenly appear that make the rental considerably more expensive.


This behaviour has given the car rental sector in Spain a terrible image. It is clear that this paradigm is not sustainable over time, and at Drivalia we are proud to have been at the forefront of revolutionising the concept of car rental in Spain.


Since our beginning, we have chosen to be different and provide a truly honest service for our customers. Whether you choose our most popular package, Ultimate, or the basic option, you’ll find that we give you all the information in the most transparent and concise way possible, right from the outset. This way you will feel informed and relaxed in the process of booking your car rental.

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