Best Value Car Hire In Valencia

The region of Valencia boasts an expansive coastline, diverse terrain, charming villages, natural parks, enigmatic castles and numerous unusual sites that are worthy of exploration.

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So, where are the best places to go by hire car in Valencia?

Tomato Fight In Bunol

Spain has some weird and wonderful festivals but the infamous La Tomatina in Bunol takes the plaudits for being the craziest. Basically, you throw tomatoes at each other.

Yes, you did read that right.

In 1945, an impromptu food fight broke out in the otherwise quiet market village. It was such good fun that the locals decided to do it the following year. And the year after that. And…well, they’re still doing it today – and around 30,000 tourists join in!

Erm, please don’t park the car in the centre.

Neolithic Cave Paintings In Valltorta

Curious travellers that enjoy being out in nature should head for the mountain shelf of Tirig.

The Iberian peninsula is home to hundreds of cave paintings dating between 4000-10,000BCE. Some of the most important are the Cavalls de Valltorta in Castellón.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the cave art demonstrates figurative motifs sketched on limestone rock and feature schematic themes such as hunting, dance rituals and warfare. 

You can hire a guide at the Valltorta museum.

Discover the Rich History of Xativa

Considered one of the jewels of Spain, Xativa is worth the trip purely for the drive. The rolling hills, sprawling fields and beautiful gardens are a sight to behold.

Xativa was once a prosperous trading post, agricultural centre and birthplace of the controversial Rodrigo de Borgia who would later become Pope Alexander VI. The region’s leafy boulevards, impressive villas and enigmatic landscape is best viewed from the hilltop castles.

The Hanging Houses of Cuenca

Fans of modern art should head to Cuenca and marvel at the so-called “hanging houses” that perch precariously on a steep cliff face – one of which houses the Museum of Abstract Arts.

This quaint village is also home to the contemporary Art Museum, the ramparts of an Arab fortress, a Gothic Cathedral and the mysterious Mangana Tower – nobody knows when it was built, who built it or why!

Albufera Nature Park

Connected to the Mediterranean by two narrow canals, the Albufera nature reserve is a coastal lagoon that serves as one of the most important locations in Europe for migrating birds.

If you’re not a keen birdwatcher, you can enjoy exploring the lake and paddy fields along one of the many walking tracks and take a boat trip out to the hidden back waters.

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