With each year showing an increase in tourism levels in Spain it´s never been more important to ensure that when you hire a car you fully protect yourself against every eventuality and Drivalia Ultimate is one way to be sure that you do just that.

Sometimes people ask why Drivalia Ultimate is a little higher in price than some of the low cost packages but it´s really important that consumers understand their choices and options when it comes to booking a car hire so that they can make an informed choice.

With Drivalia Ultimate you get truly all inclusive car hire in Spain and one of the key things to bear in mind with this is the level of coverage that you get in terms of accidents, damage, breakdowns and so on.

With Drivalia Ultimate the truth is that the overall price is extremely competitive when you consider the other benefits of hiring your car from Drivalia but when it comes to the level of coverage then we are proud to say that it simply cannot get better and you cannot ever have more peace of mind.

You see, when you book Drivalia Ultimate we, the car hire suppliers take full responsibility for that car, meaning that you have absolutely no risk, you don´t have to even leave a deposit.  But what does it really mean in terms of practicalities when something does happen and the car become damaged whilst you are on holiday?

Well firstly it´s really important that you understand that as you are covered directly with the owners of the car you simply have nothing to worry about.  Whatever happens, and however it happens (except of course in the event of negligence) we will take care of it all for you.  We will send assistance if you need it, obviously at our expense.  We will replace your car if you need it, again at our expense.  We won´t ask you for a single euro towards the costs of anything and we won´t put you through complicated claims processes.  If something happens whilst you are our and about and you need help we will provide it – 24 hours a day – every day.  If you sustain a minor damage then when you return you have nothing more to do than declare what happened, head off to the airport and return home with no ongoing hassles or work to do.

Some people comment occasionally that they can buy other types of car hire “insurance” for a lower price but with Drivalia Ultimate you are not buying “insurance” you are paying a fair and honest price for your car hire whereby we, the car owners take responsibility for everything that could happen and deal with it at our expense.

We are really proud of the service that we offer and the value for money that we offer with Drivalia Ultimate and the overall value for money that Drivalia Ultimate provides is clearly reflected in the hundreds of thousands of customers who use us again and again as well as recommending us to their friends and family and we would love for you to also try us our for yourselves and see the difference when you book what we believe to be the best value car hire in Spain – Drivalia Ultimate.