Javea – An Ideal Holiday Destination

Spain is always a popular holiday destination. Sun, sand and welcoming atmosphere help to make this country a prime location for people to take their vacations. However, there’s one particular jewel nestled in the coast which is especially worthwhile for people to visit, and that’s Javea.

Javea – An Overview

Javea is a beautiful little town on the coast of Valencia, Spain. It’s known for being steepled in rich history and having no high rise buildings as a result. For a holiday destination, it’s pretty good in the sense that it’s not been ruined by faceless hotels or corporations. With such an emphasis on history, the locals are also very friendly and warm, which makes it easy for anyone to integrate themselves into the world of Javea.

There’s a lot to see in Javea, but the main pull comes from a slow and relaxed atmosphere. It’s a very beautiful part of Spain and offers a lot to people who are looking for that nice getaway in the sun. There’s always fresh food coming in from the port, and you can sample the ‘catch of the day’ when you go down to the promenade. There’s also a lot of potential for fishing and water-based activities, being situated so close to the ocean Javea can cater for the adventurous among the holiday goers.

But How Do I Get There?

Of course, the challenge is sometimes getting there. The nearest airport is Alicante airport, with Javea being about an hour by car. This presents a problem for people who’ve just gotten off the plane and are trying to work out how they’re going to get to the small town. That’s where we come in. An all inclusive car hire at Alicante airport would be the best possible way to get to Javea. When you want to go from one place to another on holiday, you want good value. You also want quality care hire at Alicante airport. Car hire which is transparent, honest and always aimed to help you.

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Overall, Javea is a great place for people to visit and is somewhere you should check out on your holiday. There’s something wonderfully refreshing about getting away from all of the high rise buildings and corporations, and spending your vacation in a place which doesn’t subscribe to commercialisation. In Javea, the historical elements of the town are treasured and celebrated, and their way of life is one which has been going on for many years. You can be a part of that rich history too if you want, and with an all inclusive car hire, you don’t have to worry about how you get there either.