Drivalia chooses Malaga as strategic hub for expansion in Spain

  • The leasing, renting and mobility solutions company of the CA Auto Bank Group reinforces its expansion in Spain by opening its new strategic hub at Malaga – Costa del Sol airport.
  • It will count on Myca of Grupo Nieto as its partner, taking advantage of the local company’s extensive experience and historical presence in the territory.

Madrid, 21 February 2023


Drivalia, an FCA Auto Bank Group company specialising in comprehensive mobility solutions, is strengthening its expansion in Spain with the opening of a new Drivalia Mobility Store in Malaga, specifically at Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport, a strategic hub for the Company’s service offering.

Drivalia’s Planet Mobility arrives in the Andalusian city to bring its modern concept of mobility, based on comfort and ease of use, and also strongly focused on sustainability, to customers in Malaga. The car rental service will encourage the use and choice of vehicles with a low impact on the environment, as 80% of available models will be plug-in hybrids.


Drivalia’s new location will boast a square footage of 1,100 m2 housing a fleet of 1,000 cars, mostly plug-in hybrids, and will be equipped with 6 charging stations. This is in line with the objectives of the company, which already has, at the national level, 30% of its fleet made up of vehicles with a low environmental impact. The goal for 2025 is for this figure to rise to 50%, bringing users closer to the possibility of benefiting from new ways of using and enjoying motor vehicles, through alternatives to traditional ownership that can be adapted to the needs of each customer, always with a strong focus on sustainability.

On the other hand, Drivalia will count on its strategic alliance with Myca, a company of Grupo Nieto, as their partner for the development of the service in Malaga, a company with excellent knowledge of the vehicle and motorhome rental market thanks to its 20 years of experience. “Bringing Drivalia’s new forms of mobility to all parts of Spain is part of the company’s DNA. To achieve this, it is essential to surround ourselves with the best, and that is why we are relying on Myca as a partner to provide better solutions to different customers in Malaga combining flexibility and an on-demand approach”, says Antonio Elia, Company Manager of Drivalia in Spain.


“This alliance with Drivalia reinforces our commitment and strategic positioning as a company aware of the new needs and concerns of users, especially the new concern about vehicles powered by renewable energy sources and their impact on the environment”, says Luis Antonio López Rodriguez de Hinojosa, Director of the Pay-Per-Use Unit of Grupo Nieto Automocion.


Drivalia’s commitment to the city of Malaga is based on sustainable development plans for its mobility, as can be seen in the creation of the Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Plan, promoted by the city council and the Andalusian Regional Government. This plan seeks to reduce dependence on the use of privately-owned cars in favour of other alternatives that promote the circular economy and help make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.


Furthermore, last year the Andalusian city welcomed 18.4 million passengers arriving at Malaga – Costa del Sol airport, with 15.1 million coming from abroad, 69% of them motivated by the leisure options offered by the city (source: AENA Statistical Report).

CA Auto Bank

CA Auto Bank S.p.A. is a bank mainly dedicated to car financing and the mobility sector. CA Auto Bank S.p.A. offers financial products to support the sales of prestigious car brands in Italy and Europe. Loan, lease, rental and mobility financing products offered by CA Auto Bank S.p.A. are specifically designed for sales networks, private customers and corporate fleets. CA Auto Bank S.p.A. is present in 17 European countries and in Morocco, both directly and through branches. By 30 June 2022, CA Auto Bank was managing a loan and lease portfolio of approximately €25.8 billion.


Through Drivalia, specialised in rental and subscription solutions, the bank offers a complete and innovative system of mobility services. Drivalia has launched the first car subscription in Italy: CarCloud. In June 2019, the company inaugurated its network of Mobility Stores, physical points of sale where customers can access all mobility services offered by the company. With the launch of the first fully electrified Mobility Store at Torino Caselle Airport in 2020, followed by many others, Drivalia has become a benchmark operator in sustainable mobility: with over 1,600 charging stations installed in all shops, it has Italy’s largest private electrified network. In 2022 and 2023, the electrification project will continue in the European countries where Drivalia operates.



Myca is an innovative mobility solution adapted to modern reality, the environment and changing circumstances. Myca was created with the aim of providing maximum flexibility to all drivers: the self-employed, those who are part of a company or individual drivers, offering them a truly effective and practical alternative to meet their mobility needs, whether it is a 1-day rental car or a flexible 3 or 4-year lease.


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