Autumn is always a popular time for tourists in Spain – the weather is usually pleasant without the intense heat of summer and with the kids back in school there are usually fewer people around than during the July & August holidays, so you have to visit Spain in autum and you won’t regret it!

But what´s it like this autumn in Spain, as we all get used to living with the new type of reality? 

As we have said before, Spain was one of the first countries to impose quarantine restrictions back in March and it was one of the toughest lockdowns in the world.  As these measures were eased, we all got very used to the things that we have to take to stay safe.  Washing hands, using gel, wearing a mask and of course keeping a distance.  The people of Spain have well and truly adapted to this and the measures in place mean that pretty much anything that you could do before can still be done.

Walk past any bar or restaurant and you will see regular careful cleaning taking place, tables being sanitised between every client, menus being provided in a digital format, and tables spaced further apart. You will also see people relaxing and enjoying their food or drinks, much in the same way as before in many places.

Of course, visitor numbers are down, businesses are suffering and especially the small independent businesses like bars and restaurants need support because the money they take in drinks and food today is what pays the rent at the end of the month.  It´s worrying times for many bar owners in Spain, perhaps with the economic pressure a larger worry than the virus itself but if anything, this adds to the strict measures that they are all taking to ensure that they keep their customers safe and that they can keep operating.

Enjoy another lesser-known side of Spain

With the exception of late-night bars and discos, you will find that most places are open and you can enjoy pretty much all of the things you know and love about our wonderful country. Whilst fewer people around may be worrying for business owners, it certainly has it´s advantages for those visiting.  There are some great deals to be found on accommodation and the atmosphere is extremely relaxed stress-free, meaning you can really enjoy this quieter time.

That being said, there are people around and if you prefer busier places with a more vibrant atmosphere you are sure to find a mix of quieter and busier places to enjoy – especially in the more popular tourists areas.  You can still find live music and entertainment in many places and the majority of attractions are open (but do check in advance).

Take a stroll along a peaceful beachfront at sunset, stop off along the way for a cool drink before making your way to your favourite restaurant –  Spain is well and truly open for visitors and ready to welcome you.

Remember that hiring a car, especially with a company like Drivalia that is taking enormous measures in sanitisation and hygiene to keep you safe, really is the perfect way to stay safe because you are avoiding public transport completely.  Of course, there is much more to Spain than just the resort where you are staying and so as well as the safety and peace of mind, hiring a car also comes with the flexibility to get out and about, see new places and explore new adventures.

If you want to find out more about hiring a car, or any other aspect of visiting Spain please do click the contact link to get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you soon.